State of Utter Excitement

Sophie woke up in a state of utter excitement. She had been waiting for a few years to finally get her ears pierced, and now the day had finally arrived. She had even been on the internet for the past few weeks to select her perfect first pair of earrings—a simple design with a star.

She readied herself as quickly as she could. She had made a very early appointment at the Earring Services, for 9 AM—as soon as they opened. There was a tram leaving at 8.30 AM, which would get her there in about fifteen minutes, the building only being a few blocks away.

The tram was right on time, possibly even a minute or so early, and she took up a seat right at the front, so she would be sure not to miss her stop. The carriage was relatively empty, and it seemed the other passengers must all be on their way to work for the day. She reasoned this because everyone else seemed to be quite glum in comparison to how excited she was.

Before too long, the tram had pulled up at her stop, and she bounced down the stairs and onto the sidewalk. She searched for the relevant address and made her way inside the building. Going up to the reception, she announced her name and was told they would call her when they were ready.

Sophie tried to read from a few magazines, but her excitement was too much that she just couldn’t focus on anything. A short time later they called her name and she went into a small room filled with an array of equipment she found quite strange for fitting earrings.

A doctor came in soon enough, introduced herself and prodded in and around Sophie’s ears with a few different devices. It was all over before she could blink and the doctor was soon telling her that her hearing was perfect, she doesn’t need online hearing test anymore.

“Great!” replied Sophie. “So, now can I pick my earrings?”

“Earrings?” replied the doctor, a little confused.

“Yeah. I’m here for the earring services. I can’t wait to have earrings.”

The doctor chuckled to herself. “Oh, I’m sorry, dear. This place is for hearing services, not earring services. But, if it’s any consolation, your hearing is perfect. Perhaps you should go across the hall and get your eyes examined though.” Sophie was not going to be getting her earrings today.